Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jet-Marcus Russell

Now before everyone gets real crazy and makes more New York Jet jokes... the discussions within the organization about JaMarcus Russell have been described as "informal". Things are very early in the process and the Jets just hired a new GM, so they are in the beginning stages of evaluating their roster. But in all honesty, Jet fans shouldn't mind this at all. Sure, JaMarcus Russell was one of the biggest busts in NFL history, but at this point at least the Jets are looking at any and all options to get some new QB talent in green and white. There is no doubt that it would be a complete joke if Russell ended up being the starter to begin the season, but that seems impossible at this point so please hold off the jokes... for now. Who knows, maybe the Jets will develop a surprise wildcat package for JaMarcus and force the opposing defenses to prepare all week for their secret offense! They could even be looking into signing him to become Fireman Ed's replacement, so let's not jump to conclusions just yet. At this stage, I'm sure Jet fans will be happy with ANYONE besides Mark Sanchez under center. There may be a new GM in town, but in the end the Jets are the Jets and for all negative matters they tend to make the impossible possible.

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