Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Layout of the how the Yankees should spend their money

In a perfect world there would be no 189 million dollar "cap" and Alex Rodriguez would have wasted away into yesterdays news, but we all know that's not going to happen. With that all being said, this a HUGE offseason for the yanks. They have a lot of holes and only so much money to fill them. A-Rod of course as he always seems to be will be right in the middle of this. His 25 million dollars could help or hurt the Yankees depending on if he gets suspended for any period of time. If so, they will have a lot more money to spend on free agents, i.e. Brian McCann, Mashahiro Tanaka, etc. Here's how I think they should spend their money under the impression that A-Rod's money will at least be cut in half.

Robinson Cano- We all know Cano wants 300 mil, but we also know he's not going to get it. The Yankees are really the only suitor for Cano that can afford him. The dodgers signed the Cuban defector Alex Guerrero to a four year deal, so they are out. The A's are in need of a second baseman but with their stadium issues and lack of funds I don't see them in on him. Maybe the Cubs but that's really it. The Yankees have to smart about this, they have to know that unless some mystery team comes out of the woodwork like Philly did for Cliff Lee, they are most likely going to be bidding against themselves. The important thing to think about here is not to go overboard. nothing over seven, eight years.
My Prediction: 7 years 180.

Brian McCann- This one is a little easier to figure out. There is mutual interest here, and according to a rival GM there is no one else that will get him. He is a perfect fit for the Yankees. He's a lefty bat with power, and he is a great clubhouse guy. He's also a "tough guy" which the Yankees seem to be lacking. Also they just flat out need a catcher. Chris Stewart just is not cutting it anymore, and with the kids i.e. Gary Sanchez still a few years away it makes perfect sense.
My Prediction 5 years 90.

Mashahiro Tanaka- This is the big fish to me.Yes, Cano is the best player available on the open market but Tanaka could be the most coveted free agent because of the scarcity of free agent pitchers with his ability. The posting system between the MLB and NPB (Japanese pro league) is about reach a new agreement and with it, Tanaka will be posted. I think along with many others that the Yankees will bid very on Tanaka mostly because it doesn't towards the 189 "cap." I think the posting bid will be upwards of 70-75 million. And his contract could be 6 years for 60 or so, which would fit nicely into their plans to stay under 189.
My Prediction: 6 years 60.

Carlos Beltran- Oh Carlos Beltran, I like to think of him as the one that got away. In 2004 he would have taken less money to go to the Yankees but he ended up signing with the Mets because the Yankees wanted to stick with Bernie Williams. But now he's a free agent again and again there is mutual interest. This time at a much smaller contract probably somewhere in 3 years 39 million dollar range. I know everyone reading this is thinking why he's 37!?!?! Well, are there any better, cheaper options out there? No. Choo and Ellsbury are going to cost over 100 million and neither are worth such a contract in my eyes. So let Beltran play until he cannot anymore, even at his age he can still produce, plus he will get some time at DH now. The kids i.e. Mason Williams, Tyler Austin, Slade Heathcott are still a few years away as well. He's a better option than Ichiro or Wells in RF to me.
My Prediction: 3 years 39.

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