Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fight Night In Boston

As I rush to get this article written before heading to work I just want to share my excitement for tonight’s NHL matchup of Sabres vs. Bruins.  This is poised to be one of the most physical games of the year between two of the most hard-nosed teams in the league.

Buffalo has gotten off to a slow start this season and are in desperate need of a scrappy win against a division rival and a couple of big fights to turn their early season around.  Boston just doesn’t back down from anyone and has more than enough players to answer the call that I’m sure Buffalo will dial out tonight.

Enter Shawn Thornton and John Scott.  The Bruins' Thornton (6'2 220) and Sabres' Scott (6'8 270) are two of the biggest, baddest dudes on skates.  These two already have bad blood from a 2011 confrontation Thornton had with Scott's then team the Blackhawks bench.  Scott said some things to Thornton from the bench which Thornton later said "he would handle in his own way" after getting about 40 stitches worth of his face removed from a skate.  Scott went as far as to reply that Thornton "got what he had coming to him".

Scott's lack of on ice time has held him back from meeting Thornton since then but you can expect the two to get their chance tonight at 7 pm on NESN.  If you are a casual fan of hockey looking to really get your interest involved I implore you to tune in tonight and see if you don't catch the craze of the fast paced, hard hitting, quickest growing demographic that is the NHL.

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