Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Roster Changes the Yankees Should Consider

My delays in blog posts are getting shorter, but my schedule is picking up. Nonetheless, the Yankees have slipped a little in the last few games, going down to 11-8 overall, but since they had a brutal start, they are still in better shape than they were 2 weeks ago. The Yankees have struggled against lefties and the bullpen has been a little taxed at points. Fortunately, Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira are not too far away and Granderson should be back within the next three weeks if all goes well. In the mean time, the Yankees should consider some reinforcements with Kevin Youkilis' back acting up and more right handed bench/platoon prowess. (Also check out Joe Pawlikowski's post over at River Ave Blues).

Dump Ben Francisco

He has played a handful of innings in the outfield, so why keep a guy who is hitting .091 with his 2 hits being singles? You don't. DFA him and hopefully some team will want to trade some organizational pitching depth (Hell, the Yankees got Shawn Kelley for Abe Almonte, they can manage this). I propose calling up OF Thomas Neal, who is raking in AAA.

Bring up Ronnie Mustelier when healthy

He would be perfect for the Yankees roster right now. He does not have a clear position because he's not all that great, but, he's a solid right handed bat who has mashed at every level of the minors. At 28, he's not a prospect but he offers some versatility as a bench bat who can hit his way into the lineup.

Bring up Vidal Nuno and Send down David Phelps, Adam Warren or Ivan Nova

The Yankees have 3 #5/long-man types. They only need 2. Warren hasn't pitched much and the Yankees need another lefty. Vidal Nuno's stuff as a starter does not translate to the majors, but his K rate and his minuscule walk rate (only 2 in 23+ innings!) could make him a dominant lefty out of the pen.

Play Boesch everyday

Ichiro is not hitting. He's grounding everything to the left side of the infield. I want to see Boesch in everyday at-bats until Wells eventually gets them with Grandy coming back. He can hold his own against lefties, too.

Acquire a UTIL/SS

Pretty self-explanatory, right?

Let's see what happens. Debate me on Twitter @JMFlorio

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