Monday, July 15, 2013

World Peace for All

Needed a break from a very long paper about the tax consequences of yada yada yada... so why not comment about the newly signed New York Knick: Metta World Peace!

The second he was amnestied by the LA Lakers (which was a move I didn't agree with), I tweeted that the Knicks should sign him. One might say: WHY! He's a soon to be 34-year old player, with a potentially disruptive personality, and his motivation questionable.

I agree with that... but look at the off-season for Eastern Conference teams thus far:
  • Bulls are getting their MVP point guard back
  • Nets and Celtics combined their teams together to form a super-team
  • Pacers beat the Knicks in the playoffs last year
  • Cavs are getting better with Kyrie emerging and Bynum signing
  • The Bobcats have significant..... okay nevermind on this one
The point is, New York is restricted by Amare's contract (and his bad knees) and has no room to make any type of additions to their team! They re-signed JR Smith, which I'm fine with since I can still play this song every time JR throws up a halfcourt 3-pointer or breaks someone's ankles in MSG ( They brought back Pope Prigioni to back-up Felton, but they couldn't even afford to bring back Chris Copeland because the only contracts they could offer are minimal deals. CHRIS COPELAND! The Knicks couldn't afford HIM!

So in a year where the Eastern Conference is getting dramatically better, the Knicks can't make any significant moves. Oh yeah, and Melo can potentially become a free agent after the season. Do you think Melo wants to be on a team with Amare and Tyson Chandler for many more years without ANY other additions? Although I don't think he will leave, it's certainly something he'll think about.

So a veteran who can add toughness, in his hometown, with something to prove, who is already being paid by the Lakers fell RIGHT into the Knicks lap! The Knicks couldn't even beat the Pacers last year as currently constructed and now other teams like the Bulls and Nets have jumped over the Knicks in the Eastern Conference.

Worst case scenario: Metta blows up and the team cuts him.. then they are right where they were last year, which is where they would've been without signing Metta. Everyone talks about team chemistry blah blah blah. Listen, Metta is a likeable guy and how much team chemistry did the Knicks even have last season anyway? Tyson complains after every call and made questionable comments about Melo, Amare is getting paid so much money and can't stay on the floor, Felton constantly complains, JR Smith (enough said)... so why not take a risk to make the team better by adding World Peace.

I say it's a no-brainer for the Knicks. I like the signing of Metta.

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